Our People

Board members


Board_0000_Andrew Hunt (2018)

Andrew Hunt

Kinetics Group


Board_0012_20181030 Andrew Phipps 04

Andrew Phipps

University of Auckland

Board_0001_Bindi Norwell (2018)-1

Bindi Norwell

Real Estate Institute of NZ Ltd
(resigned 26 November 2019)

Board_0000_Chris Davis (2018)-1

Chris Davis

Rinnai NZ Ltd
(resigned 26 November 2019)

Board_0004_Christian May (2018)-1

Christian May

ASB Bank Ltd
(resigned 26 November 2019)

Board_0011_Colin Birch (2019)

Colin Birch

Smart Climate Solutions
(appointed 26 November 2019)

Board_0010_David Jack (2018)-1

David Jack

Permark Industries Ltd

Board_0009_David Welsh (2018)

David Welsh

Winstone Aggregates

Board_0008_Derek Rankin (2018)

Derek Rankin

Rankin Treasury Advisory Ltd

Board_0007_Frank Cui (2019)

Frank Cui

SureCapital Group
(appointed 26 November 2019)

Board_0003_Graham Mountfort (2018)

Graham Mountfort

Douglas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
(resigned 26 November 2019)

Board_0006_Jugdis Parbhu (2018)-2

Jugdis Parbhu

BDO Auckland

Board_0005_Maggie Chen (2020)

Maggie Chen

Alpha Group Ltd
(appointed 26 November 2019)

Board_0002_Margaret Brown (2018)

Margaret Brown

COGITA Holdings Ltd
(resigned 26 November 2019)

Board_0004_Margaret Gracie (2018)

Margaret Gracie

nominee of New Zealand Steel Ltd

Board_0003_Mike Riley (2020)

Mike Riley

Dotterel Technology
(appointed 26 November 2019)


Murray Jamieson

MV Advisory Ltd

Board_0002_Richard Pearson (2018)

Richard Pearson

EnviroWaste Services Ltd

Board_0001_Sara Lunam (2018)-1

Sara Lunam

nominee of Port of Tauranga

Senior Management Team

Brett O’Riley, Chief Executive Officer
Alan McDonald, Head of Advocacy and Strategy
Raymond Skoglund, Head of Growth and Engagement
Geraldine Bromley, Chief Financial Officer
Omima Alsafwani, Head of People and Support Services
Matthew Dearing, Head of Legal Services
Denise Moller, Head of Marketing and Digital Experience
Sheree Alcock, General Manager Facilities and Administration
David Foley, General Manager, Business Services (resigned 21 November 2019)
Paul Yeo, General Manager, Finance and Technology (resigned 2 July 2020)