Export and Manufacturing


The EMA’s ExportNZ team helps exporters and member businesses across our region, particularly through events to share knowledge and connect, and through the growing Excelerlate100 programme.

Despite recalibration of elements of the programme due to COVID-19, over the past financial year 100 exporters have joined Excelerate100, which is now being offered nationally through ExportNZ as part of the BusinessNZ network.

As a result of the ExportNZ Awards for Northland, Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Waikato not being able to go ahead the financial results for the last financial year shows a markedly lower income of $195,643 (for ExportNZ and Advocacy).

However, this reflects sponsorship income gained from the Awards being repurposed to give exporters from across the country the opportunity to apply for 30 fully-funded places in the Excelerate100 programme, and 90 others a 50 per cent subsidy for it.

Launched in Auckland in 2018-2019, Excelerate100 in 2018-2019 piloted 45 companies through the programme, and in 2020 it went national. The Exelerate100 programmes is now working with 120 companies and 145 mentors.

It pairs companies with mentors who have already successfully navigated the complexities of expanding globally, provides peer-to-peer learning and gives direct access to a network of experts for support and advice.

The EMA’s ExportNZ team also ran 42 events over the past financial year, 19 face-to-face and 23 virtual when they moved to do more digital events partially due to restrictions from COVID-19, with 772 people in total registered for them.


people registered for events organised by the ExportNZ Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty teams



emerging exporters joined the Excelerate100 Programme


In manufacturing we are pleased to be one of the two lead partners in delivering the Government’s Industry 4.0 programme to highlight and educate manufacturers on where technology is leading the manufacturing sector.

The programme includes site visits and educational materials demonstrating the exciting future and opportunities in the sector with a real focus on bringing younger people into the technological advances and opportunities available in the sector.

The EMA is also taking a lead role in working with MBIE to develop the Government’s Industry Transformation Plan for the manufacturing sector. That plan is expected to be delivered early in 2021.